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Reach & engage global audiences at scale.

  • Premium Inventory

    Our advertisers get all the cream, with a full range of five-star apps for work and play drawing in a base of high quality users. Take advantage of our in-app, innovative media and video solutions and be a part of our users’ rich experience.

  • In-App Advertising

    Smartphone users aren’t letting our favorite apps out of their sight. Get your brand to make a mark through Pinnatta’s seamless native ad placements and full in-app integration opportunities.

  • Video Advertising

    With ever-faster networks and smarter devices, mobile video is an everywhere luxury. Pinnatta can offer the best in video advertising opportunities, reaching users anyplace, anytime, in a premium and brand-safe experience.

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About us

Designing mobile experiences for the app-loving generation

We are a California based developer, publisher and distributor of video games and apps. We believe that technology should work for people’s happiness, productivity and well-being. Our all-star team of designers is on a mission to create useful & memorable experiences for mobile audiences around the globe.

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